Teenage Driver Training

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Admission to Teenage Driver Course (Currently  , ONLINE Classroom Course Available: flexible and do not need to come in person)

If you are 15 years old or older and yourger than 18, you can apply for the Teenage Driver training.

Please fill in the following forms, write a $100 depost check payable to I Can Pass Driving Shcool LLC and mail or email (photos of check front and back and scanned forms) to us: I Can Pass Driving Shcool 1904 W Bradley Ave, Champaign, IL61821 (the forms inform you the price...etc details)



If you never take any driver ed before please fill out number 1 and 2 forms:

1. Eligibility Form

Registration and Eligibility Form

2. Driver Educaiton Approval Form

if you are in a school, use:

Driver Education Approval Form

or If you are home-schooled, use:

Home-schooled Parental Consent Form



If you took 30 hours in-classroom driver ed and have a permit , please do th efollowing 1 and 2:

1, you will need to email us your permit and transcripts to us that show you completed the 30 hours course and show you passed 8 course during last two semesters;

2, please sign the following form and email to us: Eligibility Form and Agreement